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Tonight’s Experiment: I’ve seen “Angels Revenge” before, and though it’s basically an aggressively dumb “Charlie’s Angels” knockoff about girls who are both tough and very attractive, I don’t know, I guess I wish that more movies like this existed. I’m always happy when I get to see women kicking ass, even when they have to do it in tight/revealing costumes, and even when the dialogue/acting is at times so stupid that I have to pause the movie and just sigh…seriously, can someone please make a superhero movie like this that’s actually really good? Joss Whedon, please do the world an incredible service by making a movie starring Storm, Black Widow, Rogue, Captain Marvel, Wasp, Psylocke, and Kate Bishop, and have them save the world and be awesome. PLEASE!

Also, I totally forgot that Alan Hale was in this! (And Keiko doesn’t sound very Vietnamese…)

Crow: “This movie is a shrine for 7th grade boys!”

Mike: “In the seventies, you could take an abstract concept like “shining your love” and just go with it.”

Gypsy: “I don’t have any lines.”

Crow: “But…you get to wear slinky dresses and hold guns and stuff.”

Gypsy: “Not this sister.” (Leaves)

Mike: “He should die for those pants alone.”

Tom: “We killed lots of people! Ah ha ha ha!”

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    I love the part when the camera zooms in on the ass of one of the Angels going up a ladder, and Crow goes, “Aw, you’re...
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