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Tonight’s Experiment: “Track of the Moon Beast.” This is another new one to me, and by now, I think it’s safe to say that most of my favorite bad movies were made in the seventies. I actually kinda like the lame song here, and the host segments are great, so if you want to learn about stew and boring legends, check this out!

Pearl (describing the movie): “It stars nobody and features nothing. I hope you gag on it.”

Crow: “Do you really want your movie to start this way?”

Tom: “It looks so furtive and uncomfortable—it must be love.”

Mike: “Some describe me as an ambulatory mound of suet.”

Crow: “Thanks for the stereotype music.”

Tom: “I can’t get enough shots of him sick and sweaty in bed.”

Mike: “Are we invited to your movie?”

Tom: “Ah, you horny serial killer, you!”

Crow: “Guess what? I’m a vicious killer, but it’s okay!”

Mike: “My robots: always stalking me while I sleep.”

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