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It’s a Houndnado!!!

A heartwarming story of true friendship.

Okay, so these are from awhile ago. (I fell behind on reading while I was on vacation.)

Batman Detective Comics #27: Fun and free—and it was really cool seeing the first Batman story re-imagined. 

Deadpool: Dracula’s Gauntlet #3: Deadpool and Shiklah fight Blade and bond as they travel through Europe. Even knowing how this story ends, I’m still looking forward to the exact moment when (SPOILER ALERT IN CASE YOU’VE BEEN LIVING ON MARS FOR THE PAST SEVERAL MONTHS) they decide to get married.

Deadpool vs X-Force #2: Deadpool and time travel: it’s a winning combination.

Guardians of the Galaxy #17: So now that Peter’s got the band back together, what’s going to happen with Venom? And what’s up with Nova and Thanos being on the cover of #18? While I wait for the answers to these questions, I’m gonna go see Guardians of the Galaxy several more times.

Guardians of the Galaxy Prelude #2: Rocket and Groot have an adventure. I still love these damn movie tie-ins, because they’re basically just illustrated fanfic.

Harley Quinn #8: Harley is amazing (and terrifying) at problem solving. And I did enjoy the above dig at DC…in a DC comic…

Iron Patriot #5: The internet says this might be the last issue of Iron Patriot. THIS HAD BETTER NOT BE THE LAST ISSUE!!! (See images above for why I love this series so.)

Original Sins #4: The text exchanges above made reading Original Sins totally worth it for me.

Secret Avengers #6: Oh, Deadpool, you scamp!

This speaks to me on so many levels.

Maya doesn’t like to share comic books.



look , i literally can’t stress how cute this deleted parks and rec scene is and im about to lose my fucking shit.

Im in love with Chris Pratt

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Via fandom is common. logic is rare.


RDJ takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and challenges Vincent D’onofrio, Vincent’s son, and Chris Hemsworth. (x)

"You didn’t challenge me, Robert?"

"Well, I know you’re sometimes shy. Also I think if you nipped out from a bucket of ice water you might actually hurt someone."

"That’s…offensive and thoughtful."

"Plus I couldn’t find my Captain America action figure. I think Susan hid it somewhere."

"Should I be worried about that?"

"Not as worried as me, probably."

[RDJ Advises Chris Evans On His Life Choices]

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